Never Underestimate the Importance of a Domain Name

A strong domain name is an imperative for any kind of business at any stage of the development process. Weather you have the idea for new business or you already own one – you need a strong cyber presence.

Let’s imagine cyber world by comparing it to the real world. In the real world, you will probably invest your money in the business or real estates. In the online world, domains are real estates, representing the space where your brand lives and conducts business.

With the digital transformation, the dynamic of the marketing has changed significantly. However, in this constantly changing and evolving business world the most efficient and lasting method of reaching potential clients is well-developed website. According to the new research, it takes about 0.05 seconds for your clients to form an opinion about your website, thus the first impression is crucial in the cyber world. From a marketing point of view, you can create the lasting brand model with the good domain name.

Don’t wait to buy a domain name – buy it and wait!

What are the Benefits of a Good Domain Name???

The perfect domain name is a reflection of your brand and company. It will show who you are as a brand or company and it will imply what type of business you are offering to potential clients. Since your domain name is unique and no one else can have the identical one- this is your opportunity to choose creative and catchy name and to claim your territory in cyber space.

The power of a good domain name lays in these facts:

  • Adds professionalism to your business

  • Provides visibility, awareness and attracts your clients

  • Increases your search engine (SEO) ranking (they can truly impact both your SEO efforts and your social media marketing)

  • Creates instant trust with the public that could otherwise take years to develop

  • Represents a good investment (as your business grow, the value of the domain name will also increase).

Therefore, develop the quality content on your website and your domain name will lead more customers in your direction.

Gold Rush 2019: New Top-Level Domains

You dreamt about it, now ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) made your dreams come true! gTLDs and nTLDs are the extensions of your domain name. The arrival of the nTLD represents a giant leap forward in the cyber world. Since there are more than 250 million domain names in the world, the most of them are .com, .net, .org and country code TLD, and the market is moving forward creating amazing possibilities for your business identity.

New Top-level domains are more creative ones. They represent the most popular trend in cyber world and those inculde .club, .investments, .pub, .gold, .land, .world, .company, .car and many more. For example: If you own an amazing club in Astana or you are the best gold trader in Sydney, it is better for you to pick or instead or

The difference is obvious and you can see why nTLDs have grown in popularity. Furthermore, ditch the .com -and cleverly combine nTLDs with your business name and you will get clean, attractive, unique and memorable name. This will help you stand out and distinguish your business from the competition while showing that you truly understand the modern business and today’s customer needs.

The possibilities are endless, since with these extensions you can quickly and creatively describe your brand or business. However, like .com, you should hurry up and claim your cyber territory since it will not be available forever.